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“The Dominican Writers Conference 2019” – La Sala Talks Shorts

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Publishers Accepting Manuscripts from Writers — No Agent Needed

Publishers Accepting Manuscripts from Writers — No Agent Needed These publishers accept manuscripts directly from writers. As is the case with most publishers that don’t require an agent, they have a narrow focus.

How to find a Literary Agent

What is a Literary Agent:  1. lit·er·ar·y a·gent NOUN literary agents (plural noun) a professional agent who acts on behalf of an author in dealing with publishers and others involved

#37 Free Online Writing Courses

37 Free Online Writing Courses from Top Universities Writing and Reading the Essay – MIT Writing and Reading Short Stories – MIT Professional and Technical Writing – Purdue University The Writing Process – Purdue

NYC Workshops

Here's a list of Writing Workshops/Groups for Writers of Color that we are familiar with. These are organizations and individuals that we fully endorse. So if you ever are in

Latino Literary magazines

If you are ever interested in submitting to literary magazines, search the WRITERS RESOURCES.COM and POETSANDWRITERS.ORG If you are in search of Latino Literary Magazines.  Check these out. Acentos Review: The Acentos Review

Writing Prompts/Ideas de Escritura

La escritura es como un musculo que hay que ejercitar, si no lo conviertes en rutina se te hara mas dificil escribir cuando verdaderamente necesites hacerlo. Escribe sobre dos personas que se