Our Approach

The Dominican Writer’s Association was created to highlight content that not only promotes the works of Dominican Writers, but also providing them with the tools and resources necessary for their development, while at the same time encouraging dialogue and a network for inspiration within the writer’s community. We seek to erase the chains that have restrained the talent of Dominican Writers within and outside our homeland. Our mission is to publish writers of Dominican descent in the genres of poetry, fiction, & nonfiction residing in all parts of the world, with inclusive of their status, gender and or religious beliefs. We aim to facilitate, encourage, and promote our writing, keeping in mind that as Dominicans we experience a diversity of dilemmas and opinions.

Our Story

As Dominican writers, we have struggled with representation in the literary field. By running a Google search you will likely find three Dominican writers who prominently know, if that. Among them, Junot Diaz, Julia Alvarez, & Juan Bosch. The truth is that there are numerous of Dominican Writers doing the work with minimal recognition and some don’t receive it at all.

Meet the Team

Angela and Karolyn met through their commonalities, their love for writing and empowerment of women along with tackling social issues that affect their community. Together they embarked on this journey to connect Dominican writers of the diaspora in one place, where they can find resources for writing, publishing, and marketing their work.