What to expect at the conference

Writing Workshops

  • Speak for Yourself: Tips for an Effective Non-Fiction Book Proposal
  • Publishing for Latinos: Knowledge is Power Only When Shared
  • Crossing Borders Identity and Being (Fiction)
  • The Pineapple Diaries (Monologue writing)
  • Family Trouble Writing about Family (Memoir)
  • La Sangre Jala: Connecting the seen with the unseen (Non-Fiction)
  • Getting Paid to Write : Submitting the perfect Pitch to Media and Journalism from Latinos USA (Journal writing)
  • How to Support your child as a writer
  • So you want to be a fiction writer? A Generative Writing Workshop for Emerging Writers
  • Power of Art Creative Writing Workshop
  • Lay a Successful Path to a Writing Career
  • Calladita te vez mas bonita: Writing with Rage
  • Writing YA: Letting Youth Speak
  • Dos Lenguas/ Of Two Tongues: Un Taller Bilingue
  • Solo Performance: An Introduction


  • The Dominican Writer as an Individual and as Text 
  • Nurturing Role of Literary Journal Editors 
  • Ay Ombe Theater: From Theory to Practice
  • The Role of Storytelling in Questioning, Exploring & Formulating Identity.
  • Owning Our Narratives: How Dominicans Are Reshaping the Newsroom
  • The Importance of Place: A Conversation
  • Todo Depende: Genre and The Writer
  • Navigating the Comic Industry 
  • Escribiendo en Español: Desde Santo Domingo a Nueva York
  • Decolonizing Dominican Cinema 
  • Queer Dominican Writer: Writing from the Margin’s Margin
  • Dominicans in Theater: Where are OUR Stories
  • The Process of Publishing a Manuscript: A Q&A with Editors & Agents
  • And more!

Manuscript Reviews by:

Marcela Landres-Editorial Consultant

Adriana Dominguez-Literary Agent

Leslie Zampetti-Durham Literary

Shelly Romero-Editorial Assistant at Scholastic

Raquel Penzo-Fiction Editor

Roberto Carlos Gacria-Get Fresh Books

Nancy Mercado-Dial Books for Young Readers, Penguin

Black Doll & Letter Writing Station

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